About Michelle

My identities (in no particular order): Episcopal priest, Enneagram teacher, alchemist-in-training, dancer, tea drinker, human, music lover, movie fan, chocolate snob, hopeful traveler, wishful vegan, broken heart, teaser of light, apocaloptimist, outraged defender of God’s creation, repentant yogi, and cautionary tale. I’m a big fan of the Holy Spirit, lilacs and peonies, and British TV. I think vulnerability is strength and ritual is more important than we’d like to admit as we are all called to unveil the Holy in the world.  I live in Kingston, NY where I serve as the Rector of St John’s Episcopal Church and Bella, the sweetest dog in the world, sometimes joins me in that ministry.  I can likely kick your butt in Trivial Pursuit and I seem to have a perpetual goal of learning how to kayak.  Perhaps one day, I’ll see that through.

4 Responses to About Michelle

  1. There will be plenty of chances to kayak in the Hudson Valley. Welcome! John B, a new parishioner.

  2. Martha Amis says:

    Hi, Michelle – I am Martha Amis in Dearborn, MI. You met with our Bible Study Group last year at Edwina Simpson’s place to help us in our understanding of the Enneagram. I wish you were still nearby, but since that isn’t the case, can you recommend anyone in the Diocese of Michigan who we might ask to come to Christ Church Dearborn to introduce interested parishioners to the Enneagram? Thanks so much for any help you can give me. I hope all is well with you, Martha

    • Hi, Martha! Good to hear from you. I don’t often receive notes on my website so I’m sorry for the delay in response. To be honest, I don’t know anyone in Michigan who can teach the Enneagram. You might want to contact the Enneagram Institute at http://www.enneagraminstitute.com. They will have a list of teachers who are certified nearby. I’m sure there is a cost involved. The website also lists workshops, which you all might want to consider. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help with your request than this. I hope you’re well! Peace, Michelle

  3. thegreeningspirit says:

    I just found your blog and love it already! I just read the entry on Mary Magdalene am teaching a course at the University of RI on the HERstory of the Sacred Feminine and although it is not a “Christian” education course and is a film series covering a number of feminist spiritual paths,, that essay is so very lovely and so timely! I signed up to follow your posts…! I have that image of Mary Magdalene also that is the image for that post. Thank you for sharing!

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